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By donating the cost of surgery, you can be the instrument for curing a sick child with cancer whose treatment protocol includes this type of surgical intervention. And help us to increase the average over-all [...]

El Sheikh Osama Alazhary celebrates the start of Ramadan decorating 57357 with the children

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“My best wishes for a new Holy month of Ramadan, May it always rally us around the alleviation of the suffering of children. Egypt will be better thanks to all of us”

“Here, in 57357, your [...]

A message from Nagham’ s father: Thanks be to God, my daughter is cured from cancer of the live

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A message from Nagham’ s father
Thanks be to God, my daughter is cured from cancer of the liver
Thank you 57357, you restored Hope in life to me and her mother
This message was sent to us [...]

Sponsor a child

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Bed sponsorship at 57357 could take the form of a L.E. 10,000 EGP monthly payment which is the average monthly cost of the stay of one child or more(2 to 3) on that bed including [...]

With your help we provided 300 bed and opened Tanta Branch

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We provided the hospital with 60 new beds and opened Tanta branch with 51 beds and we got thanks to God for the proportions of healing 74.7% and closer to global proportions, and with you [...]

Latest Technology Intra-operative MRI

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Latest Technology Intra-operative MRI to raise brain tumor over-all survival rates from 60% to 75-80%
Thanks to the generous donation of our partner, Commercial International Bank, 57357 is in the process of acquiring and installing the [...]

SMS 5 Pounds

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Make your Zakat  in the holy month of Ramadan to Foundation 57357 and  know you’re helping a sick child
Send a simple SMS with  five pounds for the Children’s Cancer Hospital at 57357  to No. 57357
Your [...]

Ramadan NewsLetter

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To Know our new news ….. you can download our newsletter that you can know all the new things and our new achieves

Long as our protectors Egypt

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Today we commemorate a significant event in the lives of Egyptians. This is the memorial of what is known as the 10th of Ramadan war which is the same as the 6th of October War. [...]

Zakat in the development of scientific research in the 57357

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Help us ease the pain of every child
It helped draw a smile in the holy month
God Says:
“وما أُمِروا إلاَّ لِيعبُدوا الله مخلِصِيْنَ له الدِّينَ حُنَفَاءَ ويقيموا الصَّلاة ويُؤتوا الزَّكاة وذلك دين القيِّمة“