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Making a child happy at 57357 by making his wish come true ..

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“Omnia and Saeed “is a charity initiative that was first launched in 57357 and is now reaching out to more sick children
Realizing the wishes of 57357’s sick children with cancer increased their optimism and endurance [...]

57357 gains world recognition for its performance in the nuclear medicine field

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 President of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): “As a result of its constant development efforts, Hospital 57357 has reached a superior level of utilization of radioactive materials”
Within its concern for the peaceful use of [...]

World Squash champion Egyptian Ranim Al Walily visits 57357’s Children

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Ranim’s message to the children:
We are all behind you, life is beautiful if you could only see and focus on its good aspects, and may God grant you healing
Champion Ranim Al Walily’s visit to the [...]

Eulogy of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid

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It is with regret and great sadness that the Children’s Cancer hospital Foundation 57357 received the news of the departure of Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum, (God Rest His Soul) son of [...]

Hospital 57357 hosts the 2nd session on Child Healthcare Improvement

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 A national initiative joining the efforts of Pediatricians and public /private/ international child healthcare institutions
Within the framework of its social responsibility towards improving child’s health care, Hospital 57357 hosted the second conference of the “Our [...]

أبطالنا قادة وطلاب كلية القادة والأركان يقدمون تبرعاً كريماً لدعم أطفال 57357 أثناء الزيارة التى قاموا بها للمستشفى

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فى 57357 بالعلم سنطرق كل السبل التى تؤدى لشفاء أطفالنا
أبطالنا قادة وطلاب كلية القادة والأركان يقدمون تبرعاً كريماً لدعم أطفال 57357 أثناء الزيارة التى قاموا بها للمستشفى
مستشفى 57357 صرح يلتقى فيه الأبطال والعلماء والكفاءات من [...]

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina acknowledges 57357’s efforts of spreading cancer awareness

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s administration paid tribute to the 57357 awareness team for their efforts of spreading cancer causes awareness. This took place during an event organized by the Bibliotheca to honor all participants in its [...]

53753 Hospital wins Cerner’s Achievement and Innovation Award

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CAIRO: Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) has won the Cerner’s Achievement and Innovation Award as the best inspiring model that implements medical information systems in the Middle East.
Cerner granted the hospital the award for [...]

To maximize patient outcomes and ensure quality of life after treatment: 57357 sets up a specialized clinic to follow-up on its increasing survivors

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Established in June 2013 as a consequence of increasing survival rate (presently the average over-all survival rate at 57357 is 74.7%), the setting up of a survivor clinic was inevitable to enable the Hospital to [...]

Prime Minister Mehleb’s gift for 57357’s Children for the Holiday Season: A Sadaka Garia in the name of his Father

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Ever since his surprise visit to the hospital at the start of his appointment as Prime Minister, Ibrahim Mehleb does not miss on any occasion where he could express his support to the 57357 Institution.
“This [...]